Chicago's Animal Control Officers A Little More Scarce

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Officers at Chicago Animal Care and Control are essentially only working three days a week and getting paid for five. Some residents are questioning why.

This week, Adriana Valencia found a stray dog in her neighborhood near Midway Airport. She tried to get Chicago Animal Care and Control to pick it up.

She says she was told they weren’t picking up strays, but she could bring the dog in.

“I don’t think people thought that through. That’s one of the big jobs that CACC does.  What’s going to happen to all these animals that are running loose?” Valencia asks.

Chicago Animal Care and Control says it does pick up strays, but other cases — like cruelty and neglect of an animal — take priority.

CACC did confirm that its officers are still paid for five days of work but work only three. They are on call for two days, days they “shelter in place.”

A spokeswoman says since late March, officers on-call have only been called in “a couple of times.”

“I understand that there’s a pandemic,” Valencia tells WBBM Newsradio, “and I understand that there’s a lot of precautions that we now have to take. But there’s a big population that’s not being served, both human and animal.”