Downers Grove Supt Calls For Threats to End Over Reopening

DOWNERS GROVE, ILL. (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Uncertainty surrounding the upcoming school year has led to community members in southwest suburban Downers Grove threatening the school board and teachers.

Superintendent Dr. Hank Thiele addressed the public Monday night at the start of the school board meeting, saying things have gotten out of hand.

"People are hoping that we die of COVID, other individuals wish that our own children catch this horrible disease and die first. I respectfully ask that this all stops tonight," Thiele said. 

Still, the debate continued as parents and students voiced all sides of the issue.

"I'm here to urge you tonight, to postpone the start of the school year and if not postpone, then begin the year with full e-learning", said one public speaker.


"I don't think that, after what we experienced in the spring, the teachers have had enough time to prepare and be set up to handle any remote learning," added another public speaker.

School District 99 approved a hybrid plan of in-person and remote learning for the first week of school, followed by two weeks of remote learning.

The hope is to have students return to hybrid learning September 8, if the status of COVID-19 has improved.