Puerto Rico Added To Chicago's Self-Quarantine List

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Puerto Rico has been added to the list of places Chicago considers hot spots of coronavirus.

The U.S. territory is now on the city’s recently implemented Emergency Travel Order, which obligates visitors or residents coming or returning from a designated hot spot to self-quarantine for two weeks. Updated each Tuesday, the list includes more than 20 states, but some will be removed if their metrics improve.

States that are looking better, statistically, include Iowa, Kansas and Utah. Neighboring Wisconsin was added to the Travel Order last week. 

Traveling to hotspots is worrisome, says Chicago Health Commissioner Alison Arwady, who offers this example:

“We have a woman in her 30s and her parents, who all attended a wedding in Georgia, drove back to Chicago, tested positive, later found out that someone at the wedding in Georgia had been infected.”

COVID-19 is spreading in Chicago in households and social gatherings, Arwady said. Most of the new cases are young adults in their late teens through their 20s, which suggests people are not taking precautions by social-distancing and wearing masks.

On Tuesday, the Illinois Department of Public Health reported 1,471 new cases of novel coronavirus, including 19 deaths. The state’s “positivity” rate is 3.9% as of Tuesday, which is still relatively low, but not as low as it was a month ago (2.5%).

The travel restriction for Puerto Rico begins Friday.