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Smartest In Chicago

Missed an answer? Here you go!


Every afternoon at 3:30, Kasper asks a trivia question - if you get it right, you win the daily prize AND the bragging rights of being THE smartest in Chicago! Here's the past questions/answers in case you need them:

March 13, 2020
Q. You do this a total of 30 days a year 
A. Check your email

March 11, 2020
Q: If you’re average, you would drive two miles out of your way for THIS. What is THIS?
A: Better coffee

March 10, 2020
Q. If you’re average, your family will lose three of these by the end of this year. What are they?
A: Spoons

March 9, 2020
Q: 23% of people think this should take over two hours to do
A: How long is should take to watch a movie!

March 6, 2020
Q: It seems a little strange but 2% of people have done THIS with their pet. What is it?
A: They’ve read a book to their pet

March 5, 2020
Q: The average time for this to occur is 3 ½ days. What is it?
A: For your feet to stop hurting after wearing uncomfortable shoes.

March 4, 2020
Q: Men are more likely to do THIS than women in the workplace.
A: Lie on their resume

March 3, 2020
Q: Millions of people between the ages of 25-34 say they always call someone to help them with this. What is THIS?
A: Hang a picture