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Kelly Ford is living the American dream. When she's not "sampling" bourbon, she's talking to strangers, napping, playing with her cat or writing about herself in the third person. Kelly was born and raised in Kentucky as a middle child (that explains a lot) and feels guilty for many things thanks to her immigrant Irish Catholic mother. As the "cool mom" of 3 mostly adjusted young adults, she rallies moms to "keep it real" and share their mom fails. Over the course of her country radio broadcasting career in Denver, Nashville and New York City, she’s won 3 CMA’s, An ACM, 3 Gracie Awards and a Marconi. Kelly is passionate about causes that promote animal welfare and charities that help feed the hungry. And as self-proclaimed president of the Y'all Yall Sisterhood, Kelly brings together a community of women who use their power to make the world a better place.

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