15 Second Frenzy

15 Seconds

Stylz & Roman's :15 Second Frenzy Has Gone Shopping!

There's two reasons Stylz and Roman decided to pick stores as the topic for the today's :15 Second Frenzy. First, we're exactly one week away from Black Friday, the craziest shopping day of the year. Secondly, before Walker Hayes hit it big, he worked at Costco. Knowing that, how many different...
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Walker Hayes

: 15 Second Frenzy: Walker Hayes

Before Walker Hayes hit it big in music, he worked at a Costo Warehouse store. Karen from Yorkville faced off with Walker in today's :15 Second Frenzy and it was obvious what the topic would be. Which one could name more retail stores in :15 Seconds?
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Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy

Dylan Scott just welcomed a new baby named Beckett last December, so he knows a little something about baby items. Diaper rash cream, lotion, combs, brushes and more. Dylan faced off with listener Ashley to see who could come up with more baby related items in 15 seconds! It's Stylz and Roman's 15...
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Thomas and Wife

:15 Second Frenzy-Things You See At A Wedding

Since Thomas Rhett has a song called "Marry Me", Stylz and Roman decided to go with a weddding theme for their :15 Second Frenzy. How many wedding related items was he able to name in :15 seconds? More importantly, how many was his opponent, Michelle from Rosemont, able to name?
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Sam Hunt

:15 Second Frenzy with Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt had a massive hit with the song "Body Like A Backroad" so Stylz and Roman decided to put their own spin on that for today's :15 Second Frenzy! How many body parts could Sam Hunt name in 15 seconds......and was it more than listener Lynn from Des Plaines?
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Andre Dawson

:15 Second Frenzy With Cubs Legend Andre Dawson!

Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy pits a listener against a celeb to see who can name the most items on a certain topic in 15 seconds. Since Chicago Cubs legend Andre Dawson's nickname is "The Hawk", so the boys decided to see just how many birds he could name in :15 seconds! Was it more than...
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Wedding Dresses

:15 Second Frenzy-Wedding Items

Maren Morris just got married, so wedding items are top of mind for her. Maren faced off with listener Abby to see which could name more wedding items and Maren's were a little out of the box!
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Brothers Osborne

Stylz and Roman's 15 Second Frenzy: Brothers Osborne

Brother's Osborne returned to the Stylz and Roman show....and the reason why will have you saying "Oh Brother!" They were part of the 15 Second Frenzy and were tasked with naming as many brother combinations as they could! You'll never guess which VERY OBVIOUS brother combo they forgot to mention!
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Jason and Lida

Stylz and Roman's 15 Second Frenzy

Ludacris was featured on the remix of Jason Aldean's "Dirt Road Anthem" so Stylz and Roman decided to use that as the basis for tday's 15 Second Frenzy. Just how many rappers could Jason name in 15 seconds? Was it more than listener Kristie was able to come up with?
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Stylz and Roman's 15 Second Frenzy

Yesterday was baseball's opening day, so it was a baseball themed 15 Second Frenzy! Country music superstar Jake Owen faced off against listener Rebecca to see which one could name more basbeall teams!
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