:15 Second Frenzy

15 Seconds

It's A New Year, So Why Not A New Year's Themed :15 Second Frenzy!

So what were you drinking when the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve? What were other people downing as January 1st hit? If you were paying attention, it might help you with today's :15 Second Frenzy! Today's topic was the different types of alcohol that people used to toast in the New Year...
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Christmas TV

A Christmas Themed Edition of Stylz & Roman's :15 Second Frenzy!

Do you know your Christmas movies? Stylz and Roman put Kane Brown to the test to see how many he could name....and if it wasn't for the Home Alone movies....he wouldn't have had much to talk about! How many would you be able to name if someone asked you?
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The Brotherly Love Edition of Stylz & Roman's :15 Second Frenzy

Brothers Osborne were amazing Wednesday night at US99's Stars and Strings. They were even equally amazing on Stylz and Roman's :15 Frenzy as well! Since TJ and John are brothers, Stylz and Roman asked them to name as many brothers as they could in :15 Seconds. Their opponent, listener Yessenia took...
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Halloween Candy

It's A Halloween Candy Themed Edition of Stylz & Roman's :15 Second Frenzy

If you've got a sweeth tooth, then this Stylz and Roman :15 Second Frenzy is for you! They asked Chris Janson just how many Halloween candies he could make in :15 seconds and Chris CRUSHED it. Did his opponent, Colleen, name more or less candies than Chris Janson did? Either way, this Stylz and...
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:15 Seconds

It's A Totally 90's Edition Of Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy

Walker Hayes has a new song called "90's Country" that celebrates all things from that awesome decade! The song features 22 1990's related mentions, so naming 15 of them in 15 seconds should be a breeze, right? Stylz and Roman put Walker to the test to see just how well he could do in a round of...
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Country Music Festival

Does Dierks Bentley Know His Country Music Festivals?

Dierks Bentley is playing this year's US99 Stars and Strings concert in November. He was on Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy today and was asked how many country music festivals he could name in :15 seconds. Lisa was a listener that challenged Dierks, but she wasn't able to come even close to...
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Hot Dogs

Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy: Hot Dog Toppings

In honor of Heinz introducing it's new ketchup/mayo combination called Mayochup, today's :15 Second Frenzy was totally condiment related! Stylz and Roman had Cannan Smith on the show and asked him how many hot dog toppings he could name in :15 seconds! Some of the things he mentioned don't sound...
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Stylz & Roman's 15 Second Frenzy: Darius Rucker FAIL

Since Darius Rucker is up on stage every night performing with them, you'd figure that he'd know every Lady Antebellum song inside and out! Well today's :15 Second Frenzy proved that isn't necessarily the case. Darius is also best friend's with Lady A's Charles Kelley, so he really has no excuse!...
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Body Parts

:15 Second Frenzy With Sam Hunt

It's been just under a week since Sam Hunt performed in Chicago, so Stylz and Roman decided to bring him back to play their :15 Second Frenzy! How many body parts could he name in :15 Seconds? More importantly, did he keep it clean while naming those body parts?
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Luke With SNR

:15 Second Frenzy with Luke Bryan

Since Luke Bryan and Sam Hunt are playing Wrigley Field this weekend, Stylz and Roman decided to put Luke to the test in today's :15 Second Frenzy! How many different basbeall stadiums was Luke able to name in the :15 Second Frenzy? More importantly, how many of those stadiums has LB played?
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