Say That Again! The Most Mispronounced Words of 2019

A nuclear disaster, a presidential candidate and an outspoken teenager were just a few of the hardest words to pronounce in America this year. Language learning app Babbel came up with the list of frequently butchered terms by working with the US Captioning Company, which subtitles all real-time...
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Chicago Fireworks

LIST: 50 places to watch fireworks in Illinois 2019

The only proper way to celebrate Independence Day aka 4th of July is by grabbing the whole family and taking in a fireworks show at your local park! Since 4th of July falls on a Thursday this year, most of the shows are happening on July 4th, but there's a few suburbs doing them the 3rd. Check out...
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APRIL FOOLS 2019: Today's Best Internet Pranks!

April Fools' 2019 is here, and there's no shortage of hilarious pranks hitting the internet. We've rounded up some of the best ones! Man, these companies are getting crafty! McDonalds Australia They announced the McPickle, a fake sandwich that replaces the layers of meat on a burger with, you...
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NY Resolution

What Is Your Weird New Year's Resolution?

Most people have the same resolutions every year. Stop smoking. Lose weight. Stuff like that... But instead of hearing about those types of New Year's resolutions, Stylz and Roman decided to hear from people who have resolutions that are a little weirder than that. Wait till you hear what their...
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Your Guide to All the 2019 New Year's Day Brunches in Chicago!

After a long night of partying, drinking, and ringing in the New Year, there's really nothing you want to do the next morning. Well, okay, there is one thing you want to do: PAJAMA brunch. There's nothing better than rolling out of your bed in your PJs and devouring a scrumptious, probably greasy,...
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US*99 Country LakeShake Pre-Sale Happening Now!

Our US*99 2018 #CountryLakeShake is almost on sale, but today, YOU get the benefits of our exclusive pre-sale! Buy your wristbands HERE (click!) and use our presale code "US99" !!!!
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CONFIRMED: Game Of Thrones returning in 2019

Sooooooo looooonnnngggg to waiiiitttt!!!
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