6 Chicago Holiday 5K Runs for Your Whole Family

Tis the season to grab the whole family and register for a 5K holiday-themed run/walk! Maybe you've never participated in one before and are looking to impress yourself by the end of the year. Maybe you just need to get moving before you scarf down all the delicious food. Whatever your motivation...
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What Did You Do or Try To Impress A Significant Other

Ever do something to try and impress a girl that you wouldn't normally do? Roman met a girl on his recent cruise that was running a 5K, so he decided to join her! Problem is, Roman HATES running, but did it to impress her! What else have people done? How about skinning animals or maybe spitting on...
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High Five

What Are You Most Proud of Yourself For?

Each year, Roman runs a 5K in honor of his late nephew Francesco to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. He runs the entire 5K, which is something he's very proud of! BTW-if you want to join him, make sure to sign up on #TeamFrancesco & let's all get together on Sunday, June 3rd for a...
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Texas Town Holds .5K - not 5K - For "Underachievers"

Nope, that's not a typo! This Texas town is holding a .5k (not 5k) race for "underachivers". "A possibly fully staffed, or not staffed at all, (a) medical tent will be in place, you know, just in case. 546 yards is nothing to take too lightly," the event's Facebook description reads. Of course,...
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