OH NO: Man attempts boiling water trick during polar vortex, it doesn't end well

Thanks to the Polar Vortex, we've had an endless barrage of the usual weather app and dashboard temperarure pics...and a failry new entrant - videos of people throwing boiling water into the air in the sub-zero temps. While attempting the viral trick, YouTuber Chris Kieger accidentally burned...
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Raccoons In The Garbage

Your Wild Animal Run Ins!

Dougie Stylz went to Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America last night, so he wasn't home when trick or treaters came around. He left a bowl of candy out, but it wasn't trick or treaters that grabbed the candy! After checking his security camera, he realized that it was squirrels that grabbed all...
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The Last Time Something Scared You To Death!

This morning the window washers were coming down the side of the US99 building and legit scared Stylz half to death. Have you ever had something like that happen to you? Maybe it was a movie taht made your heart skip a beat. Maybe someone surprised you when you weren't expecting it. It happened to...
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Cubs Morrow

The Weird Ways You Injured Yourself!

Injuring your back putting on your pants isn't the most manly way to injure yourself. But that's what landed Cubs pitcher Brandon Morrow on the ten day disabled list! It's a pretty weird way to injure yourself, but not as weird as some of these callers to Stylz and Roman! Who injures themselves...
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Off-Duty FBI Agent Does Backflip On Dance Floor, Accidentally Shoots Bar Patron [VIDEO]

An off-duty FBI agent was at a bar in Denver on Friday night, and he was tearing up the dance floor with some sweet moves. At one point, he even did a BACKFLIP. But in the process his gun fell out of his pants. And when he went to pick it up, it FIRED . . . and hit a random guy in the leg. That guy...
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Truck Accidentally Dumps 20 TUBS of Cookie Dough on North Carolina Highway

Such a waste of perfectly good cookie dough.
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Truck Full Of McDonald's Fries Overturns

Video of Big Rig Carrying McDonald’s Fries Overturns Calif. Freeway The good news is that no one was hurt and no other cars were involved in this accident. The bad news is that all of these fries went to waste.
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