Near Death

I Can't Believe That I Survived That Accident!

We survived the HUGE ice storm of 2019. OK, so maybe it wasn't all that HUGE, but some areas near Lake County are having to deal with some pretty conditions. Speaking of surviving.... Have you ever walked away from an accident when you probably shouldn't have? You'll be amazed at what these near...
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What Was Your Travel Disaster?

Ever been on a vacation that seemingly falls apart? It happened to Luke Bryan the other day when he was leaving a hotel in Mexico and his luggage spilled out on to the highway because the gate on the van he was riding in wasn't all the way closed! Sometimes it's sunburn, swimming disasters or even...
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DMV Driving Test Disasters!

Dougie's stepson just turned 16 and is about to get his driver's license, but first he needs to take his driver's test. To say he's a little nervous would be an understatement. He's not the only one that had a little drama when they headed to the DMV to get their license though. There's stories...
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What Was Your Post Prom Horror Story?

What did you do after your prom? Sometimes, things don't go as planned and the wheels totally come off! Check out the bad things that happened to Stylz and Roman and their listeners when they tried to do something a little different after their prom!
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