Should You Fly Yet? Here's What Experts Say

With the coronavirus pandemic being shadowed by George Floyd protests, many are stuck wondering how the various state reopenings and maintained social distancing guidelines should affect travel. Is it safe to fly yet?
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These Airlines Have Waived Cancellation Fees Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

With flights nearly empty and travelers putting travel itineraries on hold due to coronavirus, the major airlines have been waiving the fees for changing or cancelling flights.
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RADIO.COM's 'Coronavirus Daily' Addresses the US Economy Amid the Outbreak

RADIO.COM’S Coronavirus Daily podcast is here to give you daily updates on the ever-changing coronavirus crisis. Episode 1 outlines the economic impact of an outbreak this large.
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Poll: Should Airlines Waive Seat Selection Fees for Families?

Between baggage fees and seat selections, airlines are growing increasingly more well-versed in throwing extra charges on top of the price of your ticket. But should there be exceptions to being charged for picking where you want to sit?
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Watch This Woman's 'Genius' Trick to Avoid Baggage Fees

A woman went to hilarious lengths to avoid paying extra money for her baggage at the airport. When passenger Gel Rodriguez was informed by airline staff that her suitcase had exceeded the weight limit she decided to avoid the fees by layering up with multiple items of clothing, reported The Daily...
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Airline's Seat Chart Shows Where Babies Are Sitting, So You Can Avoid Them

Japan Airlines just launched a new feature on its website that helps you avoid sitting next to a BABY. When you pick your seats, there's an icon on any seats where kids two and under are sitting. So you can make sure you're as far away from them as possible. It only works if the parents booked...
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:15 Seconds

Stylz & Roman Are Really Flying With This :15 Second Frenzy

When you're a celeb, you're on and off airplanes all the time. Did that give Maddie and Tae the advantage over listener Julie in Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy? The topic was how many different airlines could they mention in :15 seconds. Listener Julie also travels a lot, so she knew her fair...
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Your Travel Horror Story Was...

Stylz was on vacation last week and ran into a guy that didn't get his luggage until the fifth day of his seven day trip! He ended up wearing the only shirt he had day after day! Ugh! Check out the travel woes that these Stylz and Roman listeners experienced!
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