Chilling Video Shows Alligator Tip Over Boater After Charging Into Kayak

A kayaker drifting through the swampy waters of North Carolina had a terrifying run-in with a river-lurking alligator that charged into his boat and tipped him over.
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Alligator Bob

8 Best Alligator Bob Tweets

It was a wild day in Chicago. Literally. An alligator was found in the Humboldt Park Lagoon and the city has been entranced ever since. Other than confirmation that a 4-5 foot alligator WAS in fact in the lagoon, the delight of many has been the assistance of a man named "Alligator Bob." According...
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Yes, There's An Alligator In A Humboldt Park Lagoon

Authorities on Tuesday were attempting to rescue a small alligator in the Humboldt Park Lagoon after people reported seeing one. Several witnesses said they saw the creature about 4 p.m. as it surfaced from the water. One of the onlookers pointed from the shore and said, “Look, did you see it?”...
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Holding Phone

Sassy Siri's Comments On Alligators Is No Croc!

A alligator was found in Waukegan Harbor and no one is really sure how it got there. Stylz and Roman decided to ask Sassy Siri, which is just like the Siri on your iPhone but with WAY MORE ATTITUDE, what she thought about it. Sassy Siri decided to go all Australian (you know, like Crocodile Dundee...
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What Was An Alligator Doing In Waukegan Harbor?

So what was an alligator doing in Waukegan Harbor the other day? Alligators aren't supposed to live in Illinois! Thankfully animal control was able to catch and it's now hanging out at a wildlife conservatory in Waukegan. Sometimes, you'll see crazy things, like cows in your backyard, cougars on...
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VIDEO: There's an ALLIGATOR in Lake Michigan!

Its October, it's 86 outside and there was an ALLIGATOR in Lake Michigan! This video was captured in the waters off of Waukegan. Ok here’s the video... a man shot this from his kayak after spotting an #alligator in #LakeMichigan @nbcchicago — Trina Orlando (@TrinaOrlando...
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Can Selfies Be Dangerous or Even Deadly?

Did you know that hundreds of people have died trying to take a selfie. Either they weren't paying attention while doing it....or where they were was downright dangerous! Stylz and Roman talked to people who did selfies while driving, in the rain and even in front of an uncaged LIVE alligator!!
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