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Amazon Driver Fulfills Kids Funny Delivery Request #GoodVibes

A Nest camera caught an Amazon delivery woman fulfilling a little kid’s hilarious delivery instructions. He put on the package delivery instructions to "knock on the door 3 times and scream abra cadabra as loud as you can and run super fast away.”
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Carly Pearce Took Over FB Live With Drew To Talk Quarantine, Amazon, Mother's Day Wine & More!

Carly Pearce talks quarantine life with her parents in Alabama, what she misses the most, morning daily routines & much more as she took over our US*99 Facebook page wtih Drew Walker!
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Jordan Davis, Stay Connected, Netflix, Tiger King

#StayConnected with Jordan Davis and See Which Netflix Show He Cannot Stop Watching

Jordan Davis gives us an in-depth look at his life while being quaratined and shared which Netflix show he cannot stop watching.
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Amazon, Distribution Center, Chicagoland, Bolingbrook

New Amazon Distribution Center is Coming to Chicagoland

It appears another Amazon distribution center is coming to Chicagoland! Rumor has it Amazon has spent more than $50 million for the former site of Old Chicago in Bolingbrook.
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Don't Stress: There's Still Time To Get Your Packages Delivered By Christmas!

Although time is running out quickly to get your shopping done, you still have a few options left to get packages delivered by Christmas.
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Chicago Airports Have the Highest Cancellation Rates in the Country

This year's Thanksgiving travel report is out and Chicago airports are now considered the MOST stressful airports! Both ORD and MDW are currently experiencing the highest cancellation rates in the country.
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Amazon is Testing Robots That Carry Packages on Sidewalks

Amazon is testing out new products and ways to get your packages to you faster. The company is currently working on robots that can carry packages on sidewalks as well as drones.
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Alexa Is Going to Start Sounding Different...#BrightBytes

Amazon announced new features to their widely popular Echo Dot, 'Alexa.' Katie has all these features and more on Bright Bytes!
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An iPhone Case For Fried Chicken Lovers? Only In 2019!

We love our phones. We love our phone cases. We love our favorite food. Why not marry all three of these things? A re-seller on Amazon has just posted an iPhone case with a fried chicken piece (either a breast or a wing) as the PopSocket ... and I kinda want one RIGHT NOW! You too? An iPhone case...
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Would You Sign A PreNup Before Getting Married?

The Amazon CEO (who is worth nearly $138 BILLION dollars) is getting divorced. He's been with his soon to be ex-wife since before he made all his money, so she's going to get half of that! Many times celebs and super rich people sign prenups before getting married, but it wasn't the case with him!...
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