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Walmart Rolls Out Membership Program With Same-Day Shipping

Walmart is rolling out its answer to Amazon Prime later this month with ‘Walmart Plus,’ a new membership service providing same-day delivery.
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Amazon Prime Day Postponed This Year Due to COVID-19

The global coronavirus pandemic has postponed Amazon’s biggest shopping event of the year. The company officially made the announcement to why it decided to push pack the day.
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Everything Coming to Amazon Prime in June

While the coronavirus pandemic continues, there’s never been a better time to binge-watch all those shows or get lost in a good movie. Here is everything coming to Amazon Prime in June.
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Petition Asks Netflix and Other Streaming Services to Stop Charging Fees During Coronavirus Pandemic

A petition on is picking up steam as it asks popular streamers such as Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime to consider offering their services for free for the next 60 days to help with social distancing. Read more.
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Tinder is Adding Safety Features to the Dating App

Tinder is finally adding features to make users feel safer on dates. The app can now track people's locations and users can send an alarm, which contacts the police if feeling unsafe at any point.
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A Chicago Suburb is Re-scheduling Trick or Treating

With snow in the forecast for Halloween tomorrow, one Chicago-area suburb is rescheduling trick-or-treating.
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Binge Watching

What Show Are You Currently Binge Watching?

Stylz and Roman came across a stat that claims that "The Office" is the most watched TV show on Netflix. Neither have really watched it, but may end up binge watching it to get caught up with everyone else! Netflix is great for binge watching....and everyone does it! Check out what Stylz and Roman...
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