Therapy Pigs Help Take the Stress Out of Holiday Travel

Traveling can be super stressful, especially during the holiday season. If any of your travels include a stop at the San Francisco International Airport, there is a good chance you'll cross the “Wag Brigade.” It's a program that brings therapy animals to the airport to help ease your travel anxiety...
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Jameson Birthday

Stylz Wife Is Throwing A First Birthday Party For Their Dog!

Today is the first birthday of Stylz and his wife Connie's dog Jameson.....and they're throwing him a party! Is that unusual? Apparently not, because a whole bunch of people called in to the show to tell what they did for their pets. Birthday cakes! Party hats! Balloons!
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Cowboy Boots

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Roman's opponent today was Kevin from Bridgeview in Roman's College of Country Knowledge. Even though he's from the South Side, Kevin admitted to being a Cubs fan! He may be the only Cubs fan on the South Side, but will be one of the only ones to beat Roman and graduate? Email if...
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Smart Dog

My Pet Is Way Smarter Than Your Pet!

Can your pets do amazing things? Stylz and Roman wanted to find out the amazing things that animals do after seeing a viral video of monkeys escaping from a London zoo by my a makeshift ladder from branches. Whether it was hiding bad deeds or literally teaching an old dog new tricks, it was crazy...
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Paws In The Snow

What Can You Do To Help Your Pets Paws In The Winter?

Dougie Stylz had to run to several stores last night to find a special version of salt for his sidewalk that is safe for dogs. He's never had to do that before, but his wife insisted on it! He ended up going to three different stores before he actually found it. So what makes this salt so special?...
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Pumpkin Patch

What's Your Halloween Tradition?

Roman started a new Halloween tradition with his four year old son this year! Tristan loved Goebbert's Pumpkin Patch, so Roman decided to make it an every year tradition. Whether it's visiting pumpkin patches, craving pumpkins or visting a certain houses to trick or treat...everyone has something...
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iPhone and Pumpkin

Sassy Siri HATES Pumpkin Patches

Roman took his four year old son Tristan to a pumpkin patch yesterday. They were big fans of it, but it seems that Sassy Siri wasn't. Who is Sassy Siri? She's the iPhone that Stylz and Roman found at Woodfield Mall and she's just full of attitude! Why doesn't she like Pumpkin patches? Well, it...
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Dog Hugger

Do You Love Your Pet More Than Your Significant Other?

Stylz had his dog spayed yesterday and his wife has been babying the dog ever since. He even joked that he thought she loves their dog Jameson more than she loves him! Funny thing is, the phones lines lit up with people who openly admitted that they love their pets more than their significant other!
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Dogs and Cats

The Craziest Place You've Ever Taken Your Pet

Stylz takes his dog Jameson everywhere! On the boat. At the beach. Everywhere! It seems like Brett Eldredge does the same thing, as he posted a video of him holding uo his dog Lion King style in the middle of a lake. But those aren't nearly as weird as the places these listeners took their dogs,...
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Dog Coffee Cup

What Is The Cray Thing You Do For Your Pets?

Pet owners will do a lot of crazy things to keep their pets happy. Would you get your dog it's own cup of coffee at Starbucks? Tuck your dog into bed at night? That's just a sampling of what Stylz and Roman heard from their listeners this morning...
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