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Letters To The Troops

UPDATE: The Current Count For Stylz and Roman's 10,000 For The Troops!

Stylz and Roman are heading towards their goal of 10,000 For The Troops! So far they have just shy of 8,000, but thats only the letters they've counted so far! The USO's Chris Miller was in studio this morning to check in out the progress. Plus, you'll hear students from Addison, Morengo and more...
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Smartphone Envelopes

Sassy Siri Wants To Help With Stylz & Roman's 10,000 For The Troops

Stylz and Roman already have nearly 1,500 letters in the US99 studios that are earmarked for their 10,000 For The Troops. But Sassy Siri, Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitude, thinks she has an idea that will kick the number of cards up by a whole bunch. The only problem is, it may not be an...
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Abbott MS

Elgin's Abbott Middle School Students Read Their 10,000 For The Troops Letters

Roman headed out to Abbott Middle School in Elgin last Friday and picked up over 500 letters that students there had written for our 10,000 For The Troops letter writing campaign. While Stylz and Roman could have read the letters themselves, they decided to instead to have the students themselves...
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VIRAL: Atlanta Braves Fan Shields Cadet From Rain & Pays Respect to POW-MIA

During the Atlanta Braves game yesterday, the crowd stopped to honor the POW-MIA Chair Of Honor while one fan had a different idea of honoring those who serve. The picture has been shared thousands of times, and reinforces to me, again, sometimes, it's the little things (unspoken at that) that can...
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