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Sassy Siri's Comments On Alligators Is No Croc!

A alligator was found in Waukegan Harbor and no one is really sure how it got there. Stylz and Roman decided to ask Sassy Siri, which is just like the Siri on your iPhone but with WAY MORE ATTITUDE, what she thought about it. Sassy Siri decided to go all Australian (you know, like Crocodile Dundee...
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Is Sassy Siri More Of A Man Than Stylz and Roman?

Everybody watches "This Is Us" right? Well, if it was up to Siri on the cellphone that Stylz and Roman found while shopping at Woodfield Mall, they'd have their man cards revoked! Check out the attitude that "Sassy Siri" gave the guys when they mentioned they sometimes cry while watching the show!
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Why Is Stylz and Roman's Siri Giving Them Attitude About The Chicago Marathon?

Stylz and Roman found an iPhone at Woodfield Mall and while they should have returned it, they decided to keep it and see what it could do. They probably weren't expecting the attitude they got when they tried to use the Siri app on the phone! It was a "Sassy Siri" for sure! They asked her about...
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