Kristina & Amy

Who Was The Pregnant Woman (and Her Sister) That Keith Urban Brought Up Stage Saturday Night?

During Saturday's Keith Urban cocert, Keith saw a pregnant woman holding a sign that said "Baby's First Time On Stage (and Auntie Too?)." He decided to bring them on stage and then this happened.... Video of Keith Urban Brings Kristina & Amy On Stage In Tinley Park Not only did they get a...
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Who Always Causes Drama At Your Party or BBQ?

More than likely, you'll be attending a Fourth of July BBQ over the next day or two. You'll also probably have to deal with that one friend or relative that causes drama at your party! Stylz and Roman opened up the phones to let people vent about the person who causes trouble at their party...
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What Items Have You Re-Gifted This Christmas Season?

It's something that people often do, but it's not something that a lot of people admit to!
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Stylz & Roman's Soldier Salute: John Grutzius From South Holland

This morning Roseanne from Chicago Heights called in to honor her nephew, John, who served in the marines.
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