Swimsuit and A Smartphone

Sassy Siri Needs Some Help Picking Out A Swimsuit!

65 degrees is unseasonably warm for March and Sassy Siri wants to take full advantage of it! She wanted Stylz and Roman's opinion on whether she should rock a one peice or two peice swimsuit on North Avenue Beach today. Once you get past the fact that it's supposed to rain today and it the water is...
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Meet The Parents

The First Time I Met My Significant Others Parents...

Erin from the US99 Promotions Department isn't sure if she should invite her new boyfriend to her birthday party. Her parents will be there and they have yet to meet. Sometimes meeting your significnt others Mom and Dad goes well.....other times not so much. Stylz and Roman got a taste of both from...
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Ladies, How Do You Avoid Getting Hit On When You're Out?

The bars are going to be packed tonight and that means guys will be hitting on girls. For guys, it's hard enough to even approach a girl, but for a woman, it's even harder to come up with a polite way to turn a guy down! So what do girls say? For some they come up with fake names. Others claim they...
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Run Into Ex

Ever Have An Awkward Run In With Your Ex?

Roman was out with a friend over the weekend and that friend unexpectedly ran into his ex! Talk about awkward! What do you do in a situation like that? Check out what Roman's well as a bunch of US99 listeners...did!
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Woman Sings Thinking She's Alone on Train...She's Not

A video has been making the rounds of a woman (from right here in Chicago) who thinks she's alone on the train so she films herself singing at the top of her lungs. She improvises about being the only one on the train and totally hams it up and acts goofy. But as she's leaving she notices there IS...
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