baby shower

Drive-By Baby Shower: 911 Dispatcher Gets Surprise From Family, Friends During Pandemic

Friends and family of an NYPD dispatcher surprised her with a drive-by baby shower at her home in Brooklyn on Saturday. They showed up at her Brownsville home in cars, honking horns and dropping off gifts.
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Spoiler Alert

What Did Someone Ruin For You?

Ever have someone totally ruin something for you? Maybe a TV show? A birthday party? Something else? It's happened to everyone on the Stylz and Roman Morning Show at least once and was even worse for some of the callers to the show! They had to be MAD!
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Kane With SNR

Who Did Kane Brown Forget To Mention In His AMA Awards Speech?

If you watched last night's American Music Awards, you probably saw Kane Brown's acceptance speech. Did you notice who he forgot to mention during that speech. He thanked God, his record label and a bunch of other people.....but not his fiancée! Wonder if he's sleeping on the couch after that slip...
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Missed Call

What Important Thing Did You Miss Out On?

One of our bosses, Marci, saw a number she didn't recognize come up on her caller ID. She didn't pick it up....and it turned out that Keith Urban was trying to call her! Opps! So, what did you miss out on? Was it a phone call you missed? An important email? Check out what these Stylz and Roman...
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Baby Shower

What Did Your Significant Other Drag You To?

Stylz was invited to a co-ed baby shower over the weekend and wonder if this is a normal thing now. He ended up having a good time, but that's not always the case in these types of situtaions. What did your significant other drag you to? A movie? A Mary Kay makeup party? Check out where these Stylz...
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