Bar Unveils Tube Tables on Wheels to Help Customers Social Distance

A bar in Maryland came up with a creative solution to help customers remain socially distant when it reopens. The famous Ocean City bar revealed its new social distancing tubes for customers.
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Broken Heart

Stylz and Romance: One Drink Too Many!

Olivia and Criag met on a dating site and met for drinks at a local bar. She told Styz and Roman that she thought they had a good time. They had drinks, did some shots and had a really good time. So, if they had such a good time, why hasn't Craig called Olivia back? After today's Stylz and Romance...
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Kicked Out

Where Did You Get Kicked Out Of?

You know a fan is getting rowdy when the artist on stage has to kick you out personally. That's what Miranda Lambert did during a recent show! Video of Miranda Lambert Boots Unruly Fan: ‘This Is our Night!’ Ouch! Ever been kicked out of someplace? Maybe your job? A bar after too many drinks? A...
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The Weirdest Place That You've Ever Met Someone

99.9% of people on a Disney Cruise are married and there with their families, so it's not really someplace where you'd probably meet someone. Turns out that Roman is that 00.1%. He was on a Disney Cruise with his son and met a single mom on that cruise who was there with her daughter! That's a...
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Tattoo Sign

Can A Tattoo Prevent Someone From Cheating?

Kelsea Grammer was on Connan O'Brien the other day and explained why he got a tattoo in a very sensitive region... Video of Kelsey Grammer's Wife’s Name Is Tattooed In His Pubic Region - CONAN on TBS Yep! He did itso he wouldn't cheat! Is this the way you catch a cheater? Stylz ad Roman...
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What Went Wrong On Your Wedding Day?

Everything is supposed to be perfect on your wedding day. That's not always the case though. Stylz and Roman have a co-worker named Lizzy that sprained her ankle learning her first dance! What else could go wrong? How about bridesmaids going to labor, broken noses and more!
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Kacey Musgraves

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Megan from Glen Ellyn was feeling under the weather, but still made it into the class that is Roman's College of Country Knowledge! No matter how you're feeling, you can get your opportunity by emailing ! Today's Questions: 1. Kacey Musgraves is on tour right now with Harry Styles...
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What Was Your Oops Moment?

What Was Your Biggest Oops Moment?

Everyone has one of those Oops moments....including Roman! He was making tea this morning, but forgot to put a cup under the coffee maker and it spilled all over the floor! Check out what happened to these Stylz and Roman listeners!
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