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How Many Times Can You Use a Towel Before Washing It?

How Many Times Can You Use a Towel Before Washing It?
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A New Slanted Toilet Is Turning Office Bathroom Breaks Into Torture

A start-up in the UK has made it their mission to make your workday even more unbearable. The StandardToilet slopes 13 degrees down, making it painful and uncomfortable to sit for longer than five minutes. BREAKING NEWS: Say goodbye to comfort breaks! New downward-tilting toilets are designed to...
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Money In A Cowboy Hat

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Emma from Elgin wants to remodel her kitchen and bathroom and the $1600 in the rolling jackpot would put a pretty big dent in that! That'd be one heck of a graduation gift if she graduates from Roman's College of Country Knowledge. But that's a pretty big IF .... If you think it's not if but when...
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Green Beer

I Can't Believe I Saw _______________ On St. Patrick's Day!

This past weekend was St. Patrick's Day, so people were drinking early and drinking a lot. That means many people were pretty much done early in the day. Those that weren't were really sloppy! That can lead to some pretty funny.....but equally disgusting stories! Check out what Stylz saw on...
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Shark Selfie

That Has To Be The Stupidest Place I've Ever Taken A Selfie!

By now you've probably heard the story about a woman who allegedly jumped the barrier at an Arizona zoo so she could get a selfie with a jaguar. As expected, it didn't turn out well. The woman survived and probably won't try that again! So where are some of the weird (and often dangerous) places...
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WATCH: Price is Right Contestant Gets Called Down While in the Bathroom!

Getting called down to be a contestant on The Price is Right is hard enough just when you are sitting in the audience, but this woman had to go the extra mile when she heard her name called while in the bathroom! Tara Armstrong was called to come on down for the show, but when the camera panned...
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Ewwww! I Can't Believe I Saw Someone Just Do That!

So there was a video that went viral over a man sampling soups at a grocery store, using the ladle that sits in the soup! Video of Man Caught Eating Soup Straight From Ladle at Grocery Store - 1009497 EWWWW! We all get to witness some pretty disgusting things sometimes.....and Stylz and Roman let...
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Kicked Out

Where Did You Get Kicked Out Of?

You know a fan is getting rowdy when the artist on stage has to kick you out personally. That's what Miranda Lambert did during a recent show! Video of Miranda Lambert Boots Unruly Fan: ‘This Is our Night!’ Ouch! Ever been kicked out of someplace? Maybe your job? A bar after too many drinks? A...
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What Did Your Child Say That Made You LOL? (But You Probably Shouldn't Have!)

As a parent there are times when you shouldn't laugh at something your child said or did, but you can't help it! Roman had a situation like that a couple of nights ago where his son said something (which will have you LOL-ing when you hear it!) He shouldn't have laughed, but he couldn't help it!...
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Can Selfies Be Dangerous or Even Deadly?

Did you know that hundreds of people have died trying to take a selfie. Either they weren't paying attention while doing it....or where they were was downright dangerous! Stylz and Roman talked to people who did selfies while driving, in the rain and even in front of an uncaged LIVE alligator!!
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