Man Has Not Shaved His Beard in Over 18 Years

The National Beard and Moustache Championships are going on this weekend in Tinley Park. There 's a guy from Seattle that's participating who hasn't shaved in over 18 years!
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Dating Site

Did Someone Misrepresent Themselves Online To You?

Fake social media accounts have become a major problem for a whole bunch of country, so much so that they needed to create a PSA about it! Video of PSA: Imposters On Social Media People misrepsenting themselves online isn't just a problem for celebs, it happens to everyday people too! Check out...
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SNR Jordan

Sing On The Spot: Jordan Davis and Beard Oil

If you've ever seen Jordan Davis, he has one really impressive beard. So, of course, Stylz and Roman decided to do a Sing On The Spot on a topic that knows something about.....and that's beard oil! Was he able to make a hit song from the instructions of hw to apply beard oil?
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