Jake Owen Is A Proud Papa Again!

Jake Owen & his girlfriend Erica Hartlein are proud parents today, and we're so excited for them! Both Mama & Paris are doing well ... can't wait to see the photos >>>> It's a Willie great day!! Well Happy Birthday to @WillieNelson born on this day April 29th, 1933. Also, happy...
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The Most Painful Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me Was...

Giving birth is hard enough! But how about giving birth to a 15 pound baby! Stylz and Roman came across a story about a woman that did just that! Sound pretty painful right? Could any of the US99 listeners top that story when it comes to how much something hurt?
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Birthday Cake

I Can't Believe They Forgot My Birthday!

Today is Dougie Stylz's birthday and thankfully, no one forgot! But sometimes people do! Stylz and Roman talked to people who either forgot their signficant others birthday or had theirs forgotten! There was even one story about a MOM that forgot her daughter's birthday! Opps! How does that happen?
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Walker Hayes

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Roman was able to extend his winning streak, even if he called himself out for getting a question wrong! Find out why he confused Walker Hayes and Hunter Hayes in today's battle with Lauri from Norridge in Roman's College of Country Knowledge! Email if you think you have what it...
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Stock Photo/Man at the airport

Soldier watches daughter's birth on FaceTime after two flight delays

The first-time dad cheered his wife on from the terminal, "Push, push, push, push, push! You got it!"
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Mom and newborn

Woman Gives Birth 30 Minutes After Learning She's Pregnant

Meet Ally Opfer, a 22 year-old cheer coach who found out she was pregnant 30 minutes before giving birth. Crazy, right?? She went to the hospital because she felt like she was having contractions. Her doctors were confused because she didn't look pregnant - turns out it was due to how she was...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Heather From The North Side

Something happened this morning that doesn't happen very often on Roman's College of Country Knowledge.
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