Bad Date

Stylz and Romance: Ain't No Friend Of Mine!

When you go on a first date, your total attention should be on the person you are out with, right? Well, when Marissa when out with Kevin, so says that he paid attention to everyone but her. The dinner was fine, as it was just the two of them, but it's what happened after dinner that had her upset...
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Front Row

Here's What Happened At Stylz and Roman's Friday Jason Aldean Giveaway!

Stylz and Roman had a hundred pairs of tickets to give away to Jason Aldean this Friday. Several hundred people showed up at Pinstripes in South Elgin, but one couple was there at 5 AM and was first in line. Their names were Matt and Stephanie and their long wait in line was rewarded with FRONT ROW...
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Beer Pong

What Bar Game Are You The Master Of?

What's the bar game that you're the master of? Stylz played a bar game that was a combination of bowling and football this past weekend and had a great time! But while that's cool, wait till you hear what cool....and some downright these Stylz and Roman listners played!
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