Shredded Cash

I Can't Believe My Child Destroyed This!

Maybe they should have put that money in the bank! A Utah family is out a $1000 bucks they'd saved and stashed away at their home after their two year old found it and put it through the shredder. That's one expensive mistake. Kids have a knack for ruining things, don't they? Take a listen to what...
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Broken Mirror

Wait! What Just Fell Off My Car?

Stylz was driving his Jeep the other day and his passenger side mirror flew off without any warning! Have you ever been driving and something fell off your car? For these Stylz and Roman listeners it was everything from mirrors to tires and even the passenger's side door while they were driving!
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Broken Umbrella

What Broke The First Time You Used It?

Stylz bought a new umbrella and used it for the first.....and last....time this morning! Yep, it broke the first time he used it! Ever have something break the first time you used it? Trucks and dishwashers were just some of the calls that Stylz and Roman got from the US99 listeners!
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Dad Breaks Ankle During Gender Reveal [VIDEO]

When this dad does a gender reveal, things go wrong.... Video of New Jersey Dad Breaks Ankle During Gender Reveal
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A Child Destroyed A Museum $130,000 Statue!

Have you seen the video of a 5 year old boy climbing on a museum statue, toppling it over and breaking it? Video of Slidey Aphrodite: Family On The Hook For $132K After Son Topples Sculpture, Blames City The musuem's insurance company says that the family should pay for it, the family obviously...
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Roman's AC Went Out This Past Weekend!

Roman had a bunch of people over for Father's Day this weekend, so what better time for his AC unit to go out? It was just as hot outside as it was inside his house and the repairman said he probably needs a whole new air conditioner! That's not Stylz and Roman found out after talking to...
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Parents, What Did Your Kids Break?

Roman's son Tristan broke one of his toys the other day, but blamed it on his imaginary friend that he called "Breaky." Children have a thing for breaking things and sometimes it can be REALLY REALLY expensive! Stylz and Roman talked to parents whose children broke everything from 60 inch TVs to a...
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