WATCH: Would You Try A Burger So Hot It Could Burn Your Skin?

I'm all for spicy foods, but when the owner of the joint tells me that the SAUCE alone could BURN my skin? This. Is. Incredible. Are you brave enough to try the hottest burger in all of #Texas ? ---- #localish pic.twitter.com/FcoQsOEIQr — Localish (@localish) January 15, 2019
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Man Calls 911 Over Cold McDonald's Burger

Just when you think you've heard it all, someone goes and does this. The police had a pretty good senese of humor about it at least! Hamilton man calls 911 over cold burger and fries from @McDonalds 's: @HamiltonPolice . https://t.co/X29MlBYZvo #HamOnt pic.twitter.com/5uxTaWGSgm — CBC Hamilton (@...
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North Carolina Restaurant Adds ‘Tarantula Burger’ To The Menu

A restaurant in Durham, NC is offering something very um, interesting on their menu. A tarantula burger. Yes, a burger with a cooked tarantula on top. Could you? Would you? Martha did it yesterday, Randall did it today, and now it's David D's turn to give it a shot! David D. ticket # 907656 give us...
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