Burger King

Burger King Launches 'Ghost Whopper' For Halloween

It may be a trick or treat for you, but Burger King is ready for you to be spooked! The restaurant chain just announced a limited edition whopper. Boo! Are you scared? Burger King announced that their Halloween burger will be "The Ghost Whopper." the Ghost Whopper is the only burger approved by 11...
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Bad Date

Ever Have A Terrible First Date?

Ever have a first date go South? These Stylz and Roman listeners sure did! How about finding out someone was married.....on your first date with them! Or what about you date taking you to Burger King on the first date....and they didn't let you Super Size? LOL! These all happened, as well as much...
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Burger King Asks Wendy's To Prom, Wendy's Tweets Reply

A Burger King in Massachusetts decided to ask the Wendy's right next to it to prom via their marquee. Wendy's took to Twitter to reply, and the rest is fast food prom history! pic.twitter.com/LzWv4mCJ2A — Burger King (@BurgerKing) May 9, 2018 Ok, but don’t get handsy and we have to be home by 10...
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Miranda and Blake

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

$200 bucks was up for grabs in the rolling jackpot on Roman's College of Country Knowledge this morning, did Jenna grab that cash? Email Mornings@US99.com for your chance at that money! Today's Questions: 1. Florida Georgia Line skyrocketed in popularity with their debut single. What song was it? (...
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