A CAKE in the shape of a White Claw can?? Yep!

This baker is good - because you would never guess by looking at this can of White Claw that it's not even a can at all. Nope, it's a CAKE! A tall boy? For my mango White Claw?? It’s more likely than you think. . . . #cake #cakedecorating #fondant #baker #buttercream #sugarart #sugar #bakery #...
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Dolly Parton

This Dolly Parton cake fail is so bad even Dolly commented on it

Nailed it.
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Portillo's Is Selling 55 Cent Slices Of Cake For Their Anniversary

For all those who say the 55th Anniversary is the emerald year, Portillo's Hot Dogs is looking to change it to the chocolate year. The famous establishment is selling slices of chocolate cake for only 55 cents each in honor of their anniversary! Mark your calendars: @portilloshotdogs is celebrating...
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Did You Do A Gender Reveal Party For Your Baby?

Gender reveal parties seem to be all the rage lately, in fact, there was even one that happened on stage at the Cubs Convention this pst weekend.
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