Krispy Kreme Debuts Butterfinger Doughnuts Topped With Candy Pieces

It’s the collaboration you never knew you needed. Starting today, Krispy Kreme and Butterfinger are teaming up to bring customers the chocolatey and crunchy treat of their dreams. See the two doughnuts being added to the menu.
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Where Did Candy Corn Originate?

(KMOX) - As Halloween approaches, more people are craving their fair share of candy corn. However, not many know that this iconic, controversial candy originated in Belleville, Illinois. Did you know that the recipe for the delicious Candy Corn we know and love today, originated in Belleville?...
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Hershey's vs Jolly Rancher

Best Halloween Candy of them All, Sugar Showdown: Hershey's vs Jolly Rancher

Fruity vs chocolaty...
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Kit Kat vs Jelly Bean

Best Halloween Candy Ever, Sugar Showdown: Kit Kat vs Jelly Bean

Chocolaty or sugary?
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York Peppermint Patty vs Snickers

Sugar Showdown: York Peppermint Patty vs Snickers

We're searching for the best Halloween candy of them all!
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PayDay vs 100 Grand

Sugar Showdown: PayDay vs 100 Grand

Candy by candy, we want to figure out what the BEST Halloween candy is...
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Milky Way vs 3 Musketeers

Sugar Showdown: Milky Way vs 3 Musketeers

Similar but very much NOT the same...
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Starburst vs Swedish Fish

Sugar Showdown: Starburst vs Swedish Fish

Which kinda chewy is your kinda chewy?
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M&Ms vs Skittles

Sugar Showdown: M&Ms vs Skittles

Possibly our hardest matchup yet...
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Twizzlers & Tootsie Rolls

Sugar Showdown: Twizzlers vs Tootsie Rolls

Twizzler chewy or Tootsie chewy?
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