What Was Your Bad Parenting Moment?

Roman stopped by the Lou Malnati's near his house over the weekend while his son was asleep in the backseat. For a moment he considered leaving his son in the car sleeping and just running in, but the good parent in him won out and he woke him up and brought him. But, as parents, we don't always...
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Guy Tries to Steal a Car But Can't Pull Off a Basic Three-Point Turn

We see car thieves who get foiled all the time because they can't drive stick. We never see them foiled by something MUCH more basic . . . like this guy was. A guy in Bensalem, Pennsylvania tried to steal a pickup truck out of a driveway last week. It had the keys inside, so the only thing standing...
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Wrigley Field

What Is The Goofiest Thing You've Ever Done?

Did you see the fan that ran onto Wrigley Field yesterday. Security ended up tackling him and even worse, he's going to be charged with a felony! Sometimes, we have lapse in judgement and do some pretty stupid things! Stylz and Roman talked to listeners that did everything from stealing their...
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Traffic Cam Shows Car Driving Backwards For Over a Mile [VIDEO]

Time for another exciting edition of....“What Not To Do In Traffic!” The Ohio Department of Transportation posted this video that shows a car driving backwards on and off a highway for approximately for 1.2 miles. ODOT says something happened to the car’s transmission, and that the car was stuck in...
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Did You Get Revenge On An Ex?

Stylz and Roman talked to a co-worker that told a story of how she got revenge on an ex in her younger days. Let's just say that it involved a bunch of spray paint and her ex's car! That wasn't even the worst of what they heard this morning....
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Sick Kid

Where Is The Weird Place Your Child Threw Up?

Roman's four year old son Tristan lost it and threw up all over Roman's car last night. Kids don't always make it to the bathroom when they get sick and can lose it in some pretty unusual places. In the store? On Grandma? How about a total barf-o-rama in the minivan? Yep, it all happened to these...
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Car Broken Into

Have You Ever Had Your Car Broken In To?

Bears rookie Roquan Smith's car was broken into the other day and the theives took some pretty important stuff! Not only did they take some of his memorabilia, but they also got a team issued iPad that had the team's playbook on it! Opps! Check out what these Stylz and Roman listeners had stolen...
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Stylz' Son Nate Has His Driver's Permit!

Stylz' 15-year-old stepson just got his driver's permit, but neither Stylz nor his wife Connie could decide whose vehicle he'll learn to drive in! They made their decision this morning on the air in the most old-school way possible....a coin flip! Stylz also decided to see just how much of the...
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Gas Cap

Where Did You Run Out of Gas?

You never think that it'll happen to you....until it does! Stylz was driving home from work and was on E and thought he could make it to the gas station before running out of gas. Well, he didn't! He ended up having to walk to a gas station, buy a gas can and then walk back to his vehicle to out...
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Dog Follows Google Street View Car, Becomes Internet Sensation [PHOTOS]

This dog in Japan has gone viral after a Google Street View Car drove by the dock he was hanging out at. Check out the pictures below! Dog follows Google Street View car and makes every photo so much better -- — Cute Emergency (@CuteEmergency) April 11, 2018
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