15 Year Old Saved Up and Bought His Mom the Sweetest Gift #GoodVibes

15-year-old boy bought his mom a car after saving up his money all summer.
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Jogger Is Hit by a Car...While on a Treadmill

In case you haven't seen this: Security cam from inside a fitness studio shows a car crashing through the glass windows and plowing into a treadmill that some guy was standing on. The treadmill was pushed several feet and the guy went tumbling to the floor. But he only had minor injuries. Video of...
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High Mileage

Who Has The Most Miles On Their Car?

What is the most miles you've ever had on a car? Dougie's truck is just about to roll over to 100,000 miles, but that's nothing compared to this British taxi driver. He's got a vehicle that just rolled over to ONE MILLION MILES! While Stylz and Roman's listeners didn't have vehicles with that many...
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Wedding Fight

What Went Wrong While Planning Your Wedding?

Stylz and Roman talked to both Michael Ray and Carly Pearce this past week to see how their wedding planning is going. They both claim that everything is going great, but we all know that is not always the case. Things always seem to go wrong, either before, during and after....and Stylz and Roman...
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The Last Time My Kids Considered Me The Cool Parent Was When....

Most of the time, kids consider their parents anything but cool. But there is those very few moments in a parents life when their kids DO think they're cool. For Thomas Rhett, it was singing the new theme song for Sesame Street. What was it for these Stylz and Roman listeners?
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What Weird Thing Did You See On Surveillance Camera?

Have you seen the surveillance camera video of a man licking a stranger's doorbell? If that's not weird enough, what's weirder is that he did it for three hours straight! Here's the video if you missed it: Video of Doorbell Licker Surveillance cameras catch everything! Check out what these Stylz...
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Roman Tree

What Was Your Christmas Tree Fail?

Justin tried to put up his Christmas tree over the weekend, but a whole bunch of the lights on his pre-lit tree didn't come on! Talk about a #ChristmasTreeFail! But that's nothing compared to what happened to these Stylz and Roman listeners! Trees fell off the tops of cars! Animals attacked them...
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Parents That Caught Their Kids Trying To Sneak Something!

Stylz caught his 15 year old stepon trying to sneak a cellphone into the house that his girlfriend had given him. Kids often think their sneaky....but they really aren't! Whether it was sneaking stuff they stole into the house, taking the car when they shouldn't have, or sneaky to a Halloween party...
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Carly With SNR

Will Anyone Top Michael Ray's Romantic Moves With Carly Pearce?

Michael Ray surprised girlfriend Carly Pearce by showing up unannounced at a recent show. That's pretty romantic isn't it? Can the US99 listeners top Michael's romantic moves? How about new cars, new motorcycles and so much more as gifts!
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What Was Your Bad Parenting Moment?

Roman stopped by the Lou Malnati's near his house over the weekend while his son was asleep in the backseat. For a moment he considered leaving his son in the car sleeping and just running in, but the good parent in him won out and he woke him up and brought him. But, as parents, we don't always...
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