World’s Oldest Cat Dies at 31

A cat named Rubble, who is believed to be the world’s oldest, has died. He was 31.The fluffy orange Maine coon became the oldest living feline after turning 31 last year.
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Man 'Marries' Cat to Raise Money For Animal Shelter

A California man “married” his cat, Olivia Le Chat, in order to raise funds for Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles, the shelter where he first met his kitty,
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People Are Loving This Puppy That Looks Like a Cat-Dog Hybrid

You finally don’t have to decide whether you like cats or dogs more. The internet is going nuts for a puppy in Vietnam named Dúi, who people say looks like a cat and dog cloned together.
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Clear the Shelter This Saturday!

Clear the Shelter Day is this Saturday, August 17th! This national holiday was created to help dogs and cats that have been abandoned or surrendered to shelters find forever homes. It takes place from 11 am - 4 pm on Saturday at all local shelters. Clear the Shelters Day is sponsored by NBC and...
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Cat On A Couch

Stylz and Romance: The Purr-fect Reason For Ghosting Someone

Daisy and Simon went out on a date and things went really well. She even invited him back to her place afterwards. At one point she went to the bathroom and when she came out….he was nowhere to be found. She's not sure why as they were making out just minutes before! Stylz and Roman got Simon on...
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Reggie the cat plays Goose in Captain Marvel

This cat is the star of the next Marvel movie

Technically a side-kick cat but look at that face!
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Raccoons In The Garbage

Your Wild Animal Run Ins!

Dougie Stylz went to Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America last night, so he wasn't home when trick or treaters came around. He left a bowl of candy out, but it wasn't trick or treaters that grabbed the candy! After checking his security camera, he realized that it was squirrels that grabbed all...
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The Goofy Passwords That You Use For Everything!

Did you see that Kanye West was in the Oval Office the other day and unlocked his phone in front of all the cameras present. The passcode was just a bunch of zeros! You'd think that someone like that would have a better password or maybe the thumb print ID or face recognition! Since everything now-...
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Trisha Cooking

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Jason from Portage was at the Windy City Smokeout over the weekend. Was he suffering from a "Smokeout Hangover" in his battle with Roman? Email to play! Today's Questions: 1. This singer owns a rescue cat named Dandelion with his wife Hanna Lee Fowler. Who is he? (Sam Hunt) 2...
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Cat Walks 12 miles To Get Home To Family, They Ask Shelter To Euthanize Him

Meet Toby the cat. His family in Raleigh, NC decided they no longer wanted him. so they gave him to another family. Well apparanetly Toby missed them so much that he walked 12 miles back home - so the family took him to a shelter to be euthanized. Luckily, the shelter contacted the SPCA of Wake...
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