Phone Warning

Did Your Phone Die At The WORST Time?

Ever have your phone die at the worst time? Stylz was trying to shoot a video with Lady Antebellum on his iPhone this past weekend but his storage was full and he couldn't! Talk about bad timing! Cute kid videos....during a concert you really wanted to see....and some even worse stuff were the...
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SNR Carly

Ladies, Have You Ever Tricked Your Man?

Ladies, have you ever tried to trick your man into admitting or doing something? Stylz, Roman and Carly Pearce tried to do it with Carly's BF Michael Ray over the weekend! They all texted Michael Ray at the same time to see who would get a text back first! Thankfully for Michael, he texted Carly...
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Drunk Dial

Who Was On The Other End of Your Drunk Dial or Text?

Grabbing your phone and either texting or calling someone never ends well. Drunk dialing or texting usually ends up bad....and it's not just every day people that do it! Stylz and Roman talked to Chris Lane about when he does it! That's not it either! Dan and Shay called out Stylz on a drunk text...
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Where Was The Inappropriate Place Your Phone Went Off?

During US99 staff meetings, Drew Walker's cell phone seems to always go off! Stylz and Roman decided to call him out on it today.....and then let listeners tell their stories about when their phones went off. During weddings, church, classes.....even in the middle of a funeral!
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Lost and Found

What Did You Lose And Find In The Most Random Place?

We often lose stuff and find it in the most random of places. Case in point, Stylz couldn't find one of his dog's toys....that is until he turned on his garbage disposal. How it got there is anybody's guess, because neither he, his wife nor his stepson put it there. He's not the only one either!...
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Did You Ever Send A Text To The Wrong Person?

Ever send a text to the wrong person? It happened to a member of the US99 Promotions Department and you won't believe what she texted and to just who she mistakenly texted it to! Let's just say that her dad hasn't looked her in the eyes ever since!
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Camera Phone

What Pictures On Your Phone Do You Never Look At?

It seems like now-a-days we take pictures of everything with our phones. Thing is, how often do you actually look at any of those pictures? Stylz and Roman asked what their listeners had a ton of pictures of on their phones and the responses were really funny. I mean chickens? Really?
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What Did You Lose When Your Cellphone Crashed?

Roman let his son play wth his cellphone over the weekend.
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