Fantasy Football

Who Has The Funniest Fantasy Football Team Names?

The Chicago Bears lost yesterday, which may or may not have messed up your fantasy football league. But, that's usually not the best part about fantasy football, it's the names of the teams that are hilarious! Check out the funny team names of these Stylz and Roman well as an...
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Did You Get Revenge On An Ex?

Stylz and Roman talked to a co-worker that told a story of how she got revenge on an ex in her younger days. Let's just say that it involved a bunch of spray paint and her ex's car! That wasn't even the worst of what they heard this morning....
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SEE: Drunk, Shirtless Guy Gets Wrigley Field To Do The Wave!

There's always one guy in the bar who's been overserved, right? What happens if that "bar" is Wrigley Field? Much like the mantra "there's no crying in baseball," there's no *wave* at the Cubs game. Ever. Except for last night (until security stepped in to a stream of boooooos!) >>>>...
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