Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Star Cody Whitehair Calls Drew To Talk Bears Celebration Weekend!

Always fun catching up with Cody, as we chatted about Bears Celebration Weekend this weekend, his 1st pitch for the Sox game last week and the SUPER EXCITING announcement from Cody & his wife >>>> Cody Whitehair from the Chicago Bears calls Drew.mp3
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Chase Daniel From The Bears Calls Drew To Chat USO Tours & The Bears 100 Celebration!

Chase Daniel from the Chicago Bears (he's our back-up quarterback!) called Drew this week to talk about his recent USO Tour overseas, why the military is so important to his family, what he's looking forward to with the upcoming Bears 100 Celebration in June & much more >>>> Chase...
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Who Else Is Ready For The Entire 2019 Bears Schedule Tonight?

We already know that our Chicago Bears open the NFL season vs. the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field on #ThursdayNightFootball September 5th. We learned last night that they'll play IN LONDON October 6th (!) vs. the Oakland Raiders. Tonight at 7p? We get the WHOLE SCHEDULE .... and then single-day...
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You're Fired

Why Were You Fired From Your Job?

The Chicago Bears officially announced yesterday that were going a different direction with the kicker position and Cody Parkey was out of a job. Everyone gets fired at some point in their life and sometimes it's for some pretty goofy reasons. Fights, theft and even foot surgery were some of the...
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Sassy Siri Wants To Talk Some Football!

The teams for the Super Bowl are now set and Sassy Siri is here to troll Stylz and Roman a little about it. She makes fun of them because near team is the Chicago Bears. She talks about how Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. She makes fun of the guys for liking Chicago sports teams! So, it's business as...
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Mad Boss

I Really Ticked My Boss Off When I Did......WHAT?

Ever do something that really ticked your boss off? Seems that Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy is less than happy with kicker Cody Parkey's appearance on The Today Show last week. Guess he never told his coach that he was going to be on the show. Nagy says it seemed like a more "ME" thing instead of...
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Make Cody Parkey's Field Goal And Get A Year Of Free Beer

After frustration set in over Cody Parkey's missed/blocked field goal, were you thinking to yourself "even I could have made that?" Well, now's your chance to prove it. Goose Island is putting fans to the test by offering free beer for a year to anyone that's able to make a 43-yard field goal...
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Sad face Emoji

Sassy Siri Has More Jokes When It Comes To The Chicago Bears!

Sunday's Wild Card loss to the Eagles hurt enough, but Sassy Siri doesn't seem to want to leave it alone! Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitude had even more jokes today at the Bears expense! She's calling the season ending missed kick the "double doink heard around the world!" Ouch Siri. Ouch.
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Do You Know All The Words To Bear Down Chicago Bears?

Are you a die hard Chicago Bears fan? Well, Stylz and Roman wanted to test just how much of a die hard those fans really are! They put several listeners to the test to see if they knew all the words to "Bear Down Chicago Bears." Do you? Either way......GO BEARS!
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Roman's College of CHICAGO BEARS Knowledge

Cassidy from the 219 stepped in to Roman's College of Country Knowledge, but today was a little different. Instead of COUNTRY KNOWLEDGE, Stylz and Roman asked CHICAGO BEARS themed country questions instead! The Bears play the Philadelphia Eagles in their first playoff game in why...
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