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Sassy Siri Is SUPER Nervous About This Weekend's Bears Playoff Game!

Will a Chicago Bears loss on Sunday force Sassy Siri to move out of the state of Illinois? That's what Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitude told them this morning! She told the guys that she's super nervous about Sunday's playoff game, especially considering Chicago sports teams and their...
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Who Is The "Hall Pass" In Your Relationship?

While meeting people at the US99 Luke Bryan pregame party at Cubbie Bear over the weekend, Roman ran across a woman who told him that he was her "hall pass" with her husband. A "hall pass" is that one celeb/athlete/whatever that your significant other would allow you to hook up questions...
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Former Blackhawk Adam Burish With Stylz and Roman

Since the Chicago Blackhawks' 11th annual Convention is this weekend at the Hilton Chicago on 720 S. Michigan Avenue, Stylz and Roman decided to get a former Blackhawks player on the phone to tell them all about it. They talked to former Blackhawks winger (and current Blackhawks TV analyst) Adam...
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What Is Your Crazy Superstition?

Today is Friday The 13th and it's a day that people are really superstitious about! Don't step on a crack. Dont walk under a ladder. What are you superstitious about? These Stylz and Roman listeners had fears about everything from what they need to wear during playoff games to the fears of spiders...
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Where Have You Snuck In To?

Everyone has one of those friends that buys a general admission ticket to a concet ot sporting event and ends up front row by the end of the night. Or are you that person? Stylz and Roman talked to listeners that snick in to everything from concert to clubs to sporting events!
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Chicago Blackhawks

36-Year-Old Accountant Becomes NHL Legend For Chicago Blackhawks!

Imagine being a goalie in your local intramural league ... and you get the call to suit up for the NHL, in less than an hour?! It happened Thursday night to Scott Foster, who's a 36-year-old Oak Park accountant. He played college in hockey years ago, but lately, has been keeping up in a rec league...
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Chicago Blackhawks at United Center, March 2018

CRAZY: Have You Seen The Blackhawks Ice Turn Into The Bulls Court?

If you're like me, I've always wondered how the folks at the United Center convert the Bulls basketball court to the Blackhawks ice rink *overnight*! Turns out the process is UBER fascinating ... We get a behind-the-scenes peek that I can't stop watching over and over >>>>> Ever...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Amy From Cary

Roman's been on a serious roll lately in the College of Country Knowledge.
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Is It Duncan or Dunkin?

Do you know your Duncan's (or is it Dunkin?)
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