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Did You See Anthony Rizzo's Walk Off Winning HR Yesterday?

Yesterday was a pretty special day for Anthony Rizzo. Not only was it his 1,000 Major League game, but he also hit a walk off home run to secure a Cubs win yesterday in what was an amazing comeback win on the North Side! Video of Anthony Rizzo Walk-Off Homerun vs Diamondbacks! (7.26.18) Rizzo's...
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The One Thing I've Always Wanted To Do...

Anthony Rizzo has said that he's always wanted to pitch in a MLB game. Until yesterday that was just a dream. He actually got the chance yesterday when the Chicago Cubs were getting blown out by the Arizona Diamonbacks. Is there a dream that you have that you're trying to achieve? Stylz and Roman...
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The Crazy Thing You Did To Get A Celeb's Autograph

Some people will go to great lengths to get an autograph or picture with their favorite celebrity or athlete. Would you wait for hours on end? Sneak backstage? These Stylz and Roman listeners did just that....with varying levels of success.
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Michael Ray

:15 Second Frenzy: Michael Ray

How many Chicago related things could you come up with in :15 seconds? Stylz and Roman put Michael Ray to the test to see how many he could come up with. Was it more than his opponent, Danielle from Addison?
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The Judds

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Sue from Elburn needs to get her AC fixed, so the $500 bucks in the rolling jackpot would really help cool things off for her! If you think you've got what it takes to graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge, email . Today's Questions: 1. The final soundtrack album for...
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Kane With SNR

:15 Second Frenzy: Kane Brown

Today's Stylz and Roman :15 Second Frenzy was especially difficult! How many people with the last name Brown could you name? Stylz and Roman asked a famous Brown they know, that being Kane Brown, how many he could name and he had a rough go of it! Did his opponent, Jessica fare any better?
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Da Coach gave us one of the most memorable 7th inning stretches EVER!

Can you believe this was 20 years ago today? Incredible! Remember when Da Coach did Da Stretch? That was 20 years ago today. — NBC Sports Chicago (@NBCSChicago) July 5, 2018
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Yo Theo! LOCASH Want Their Chicago Cubs World Series Rings

Life is good when you've written hits for Thomas Rhett, Keith Urban and Tim McGraw. But did you know they brought some magic to Wrigley Field and helped the Cubs win some World Series games? The facts don't lie: So Theo, what do you think? Chris Lucas and Preston Brust are currently working on...
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Where Have You Snuck In To?

Everyone has one of those friends that buys a general admission ticket to a concet ot sporting event and ends up front row by the end of the night. Or are you that person? Stylz and Roman talked to listeners that snick in to everything from concert to clubs to sporting events!
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Cubs Morrow

The Weird Ways You Injured Yourself!

Injuring your back putting on your pants isn't the most manly way to injure yourself. But that's what landed Cubs pitcher Brandon Morrow on the ten day disabled list! It's a pretty weird way to injure yourself, but not as weird as some of these callers to Stylz and Roman! Who injures themselves...
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