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Popeyes Giving Away Free Chicken Tenders Throughout the Month of June

To celebrate the summer months and the stay at home order being lifted, Popeyes started the best campaign a fast food restaurant could ever create and the chain is offering free chicken tenders all month long.
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Ketchup on Eggs

Weird Food Combinations!

A video went viral of a woman at the US Open dipping her chicken tenders in her glass of pop. Video of Pure Carnage: Woman At The U.S. Open Enjoys A Chicken Finger Dipped In Soda! That's a pretty weird food combination, but not nearly as weird as the foods that these Stylz and Roman listeners are...
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Woman Does Something Strange with Chicken Tenders During US Open

We totally understand if you didn't have a chance to watch the US Open this weekend, but luckily we can thank Twitter for capturing the next Internet gem! While filming B-Roll (background scenes) of the US Open for the announcers to talk over a cameraman caught a woman dunking her chicken tenders...
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