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Maren Morris, Virtual Story Time, Back to School, My Fathers Dragon, New Mom, Childrens Book, Reading

New Mom Maren Morris is a Pro at Reading Bedtime Stories and Shares Her Favorite With You

New mom Maren Morris is no stranger when it comes to reading bedtime stories and wanted to share one of her favorites with you to help prepare for going back to school in the next few weeks.
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Mitchell Tenpenny at Lakeshake

What Better Way to Prepare for Going Back to School Than Being Read to By Mitchell Tenpenny Himself

Mitchell Tenpenny took a break from writing and recording new music to read an excerpt from one of his favorite children's books. Name a better way to help prepare for going back to school, we can't think of one either.
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Darius Rucker, Virtual Story Time, Back to School, Childrens Book, Peter Pan, Reading

Darius Rucker's Soothing Story Time Voice is the Perfect Tool to Help You Prepare for Going Back to School

With three grown kids himself, country superstar Darius Rucker understands the anxiety and nervousness both parents and children feel with starting a new school year and to help ease your mind, he sat down with us to read an excerpt from the beloved book, Peter Pan.
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Good Morning Zoom, Goodnight Moon, Book, Classic, Pandemic, Children's Book, Online Spoof, Parody

Goodnight Moon Pandemic Parody Coming in the Fall

Who doesn't love the children's book, Goodnight Moon ? It's a staple in every kid's childhood, getting that book read to you before bedtime and now thanks to an online spoof account, the new generation will be receiving a pandemic version of the classic book.
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Blake Shelton, Childrens Book, Twitter, Social Media

One Tweet From Blake Shelton Helped Boost Sales for Children's Book

Blake Shelton proved once again the power of social media. A children's book author tweeted at Shelton saying she would love to send him a copy of her new book and then Shelton retweeted that saying "Let's all buy it!"
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The Office, Children's Book, Dunder Mifflin

A New Version of The Office is Coming, But For Children

There's a new version of The Office coming, but it's aimed at a younger generation. The Office is getting a children's book - The Office, A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary, with all the characters you love including Pam, Jim, Dwight Shrute, Michael Scott and more.
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