Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Did Dorota grab the $750 that's sitting in the Rolling Jackpot right now? One of the questions she needed to know centered around Jason Aldean and whether or not he stole the song "You Make It Easy." If you know your country knowledge inside and out, email ! Today's Questions: 1...
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What Did You Miss Out On Because You Were Sick?

Roman was all packed and ready to head out to Stagecoach over the weekend, but ended up getting sick and landed himself in the ER. Because of that illness, he wasnt able to travel to California over the weekend!! Check out what major life events these Stylz and Roman listeners had to miss out on...
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Have you seen Chris Young's new puppy?!

So. CUTE!!!!
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Did Your Child Freak Out When They Met Santa Claus?

Roman took his three year old son Tristan to see Santa yesterday and after a little bribing, he got him to sit on Santa's lap.
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What Does Stylz 15 Year Old Son Want For Christmas?

So all week long, Stylz and Roman have been talking to little kids about what they want for Christmas.
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Need Some Christmas Cheer? This Is It!

Just look at that face !!!
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It's Stylz & Roman's Christmas Confessional!

We're just a couple of days from Christmas and Stylz and Roman wanted to know if anyone was teetering on the Naughty or Nice list.
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Have Roman's Nieces & Nephews Been Naughty or Nice This Christmas?

Roman talked with his young nieces and nephews this morning to see what they wanted for Christmas!
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What Time Do Your Kids Wake Up On Christmas Morning?

Kids are super excited to wake up and see what Santa brought them on Christmas morning.
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What Are You Supposed To Tip Your Mailman or Garbageman At Christmas?

Do you tip your mailman, garbageman or the person that delivers your newspaper at Christmastime?
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