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Mountain Dew Releasing a New Christmas Holiday Flavor!

The holidays are fast approaching, whether we like it or not, and Mountain Dew is skipping fall and looking straight ahead to Christmas with their new holiday flavored soda pop.
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Disney Releasing Advent Calendars Filled with Mini Books for the Holiday Season

Disney is giving fans Christmas in the summer by announcing the release of their new storybook advent calendars, equipped with 24 mini books! The new holiday books are set to be released on Oct. 6 and Nov. 3 but are available for pre-order now!
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List Of Stores Open On Christmas Eve

List Of Stores Open On Christmas Eve
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Man Paid Off 36 Families' Utility Bills For the Holidays #GoodVibes

A Florida man who once spent Christmas without gas just paid off the past dues for 36 families at risk of losing their electricity! He wanted to take a little bit of stress off these families right in time for the holidays.
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Popeyes Has a New Chicken Sandwich Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you're looking for a last-minute ugly Christmas sweater that really sums up one of the hottest trends of the year, here you go. POPEYES just started selling a new ugly Christmas sweater featuring their chicken sandwich. The sweater has big orange and white horizontal stripes, with the Popeyes...
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Scotty McCreery Talks Christmas, Football & Music With Drew!

Scotty McCreery chatted with Drew backstage at #US99StarsAndStrings about all things Christmas, football, married life, things happening in 2020 & more >>>>
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Study Finds Terribly Wrapped Presents Make People Happier

If you wrap presents like I do, great news! A new study has found that terribly wrapped presents actually make people happier. Hopefully the quality of presents I've got for ma family overshadow how badly they're wrapped cause am having a nightmare here — paul -- (@...
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Taylor Swift Releases Original Christmas Song

Taylor Swift released her first-ever original Christmas song titled ‘Christmas Tree Farm’ last week and it's a nostalgic tune about her time growing up on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania.
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WATCH: The Only House Not Decorated For Christmas

There are tons of legitimate reasons that people don't decorate their houses for the holidays . . . and I'd sure love to know this person's story. Because they're the only one on their side of the block who didn't even try. It's especially noticeable because it's a string of row houses jammed...
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Chicago Airports Have the Highest Cancellation Rates in the Country

This year's Thanksgiving travel report is out and Chicago airports are now considered the MOST stressful airports! Both ORD and MDW are currently experiencing the highest cancellation rates in the country.
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