Monkey Bread

Take 9 Chicago: Last Minute Dishes to Bring to That Holiday Gathering You Forgot About

Don't panic... these are way better than "chips & dip."
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Our 9 Favorite Holiday Activities Around Chicagoland!

Brainstorming about our favorite celebrations & activities to take in this holiday season, I got super excited this morning to Divvy by the Daley Center & see this: Can’t beat the ChristKindl market, which opens November 16th through the holidays! What else? How about a hot chocolate bar?!...
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The 9 Best Michigan Ave Stores For Christmas Shopping

Headed to do some Christmas shopping on Michigan Avenue? As you probably realize, you won't be dissapointed - the Mag Mile is the perfect spot to buy all those gifts on everyone's list. Here's our Top 9 best Michigan Ave stores to hit this holiday season! 9. CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS STORE Got a diehard...
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College Is Done

Roman's College of Country Knowledge Is All About Body Paint, Brett and Birthday Tweets!

How hard would you study if you knew $1100 was at stake? Deanna enrolled in Roman's College of Country Knowledge hoping to graduate and grab that cash! Want to play? Hit the books and email ! Today's Questions: 1. This singer, who has dated everyone from Joe Jonas to Taylor...
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Who In Kelly Clarkson's Family Has A Crush On Chris Martin From Coldplay?

Guess listener Paige won't be having as good a Christmas as she orginally planned... She told Stylz and Roman that she planned to use the winnings in the rolling jackpot to buy her son some extra Christmas presents. Roman, though, ended up being Scrooge because he beat her in Roman's College of...
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Amazon Is Getting Into Christmas Tree Business

Here we go again-- Amazon is seriously taking over the world.
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