Teacher's Emotional Video Shows Attempt to Set Up Classroom Amid Coronavirus

Teachers across the country have shared their honest fears of returning to the classroom as the back-to-school debate continues. An educator shared a video of her attempt to set up a classroom amid coronavirus.
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Teacher Dies of Coronavirus After Sharing Classroom With Colleagues Who Also Tested Positive

Three teachers in Arizona who shared a classroom for a summer school course all tested positive for COVID-19. One teacher has died from the deadly virus.
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Parent Teacher Conference

What Did You Find Out About Your Child At Parent/Teacher Conferences?

Roman had his first parent/teacher conference at his son's preschool the other day. While all the news was positive, he also knows that won't always be the case as Tristan gets older. For example, Stylz was always the class clown, so his parents were always hearing about it at these meetings. So...
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