Stylz Needs Some Advice To Stop His Dog From Shedding!

Stylz has a German Shepard that he loves.....but there's only one problem. It sheds. A LOT! Doug's wife bought the dog a spandex outfit that is supposed to stop shedding, but it looks hilarious. Check out the advice that these Stylz and Roman listeners gave Stylz to help him with his dog hair...
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AHHHH! I'm Becoming My Parents!

Ever have that moment when you realize that you're becoming your parents? You do that thing that your Mom or Dad always did that drove you crazy while you were growing up... Well, Stylz and Roman both recently had that moment. They aren't alone either, these US99 listeners also called in with the...
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What Is The Nicest Thing Someone Has Ever Done For You?

What we usually hear is all the bad things people do to each other. But what about the good things? Stylz and Roman talked about how a restaurant owner helped a woman who was on a first date and the guy ghosted on her! They then took calls on the nice things people have done for each other. You'll...
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What Did You Learn About BF/GF After Moving In Together?

There's always something you learn about someone when you move in with them. Our engineer Dom just moved in with his girlfriend and it drive Dom crazy that she doesn't wash her dishes before putting them in the sink! So what did Stylz and Roman's listeners learn when they moved in together? How...
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Parents, Are You A Germ-a-phobe With Your Baby?

Some parents can take sanitizing everything for baby a little too far!
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