Hate Job

The Worst Job You Ever Had!

Ever have a job that you can't stand? Carly Pearce told Stylz and Roman that she hated cleaning Airbnb's! That's not nearly as bad as some of the jobs that these Stylz and Roman listeners hated heading in to each day!
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Hiding Something

Are You Hiding Something From Your Significant Other?

Yesterday Stylz and Roman talked about things kids hide from their parents. Today they flipped the script and asked people what they hid from their significant others! Cheating? Pets? Regifted Gifts? Stylz and Roman heard all this.....and much worse!
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Stephen Curry

What Do Your Parents Still Correct You On?

Even if you're a HUGE NBA star, that doesn't mean that your Mom still can't correct you. Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry says his Mom got on case after he let out a couple of curse words after a recent game! No matter, what your age....Mom still makes the rules and here's some calls from...
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How Much Do Your Kids Get For Allowance?

Producer Tony's 8 year old twins want an allowance, but he's not sure what he should give them. The kids have their idea, but what is the going rate for allowances? The Stylz and Roman listeners chimed in to tell how much they give their kids....and what they have to do to get it.
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What Was Your Laundry Disaster?

Stylz is teaching his 15 year son Nate how to do laundry and there's been some disasters along the way! But anything that goes wrong for Nate won't be as bad as what happened to these Stylz and Roman listeners!
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