Tattoo Sign

What Crazy Thing Did You Do With Your Parents?

Erin from the US99 Promotions department is going to get a tattoo, but she isn't going alone. Her mother and grandmother are getting one at the same time as well! What crazy thing have you done with your parents? Stylz and Roman talked to people that went drinking, got tattoos and did even crazier...
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What Is The Craziest Thing You've Ever Seen On A Flight?

People can do some really crazy things on flights! Stylz and Roman cam across a story about a guy who took a flight from London to Los Angeles in his boxers! Yes, he took off his pants after he boarded the flight! Sounds unbelievable, but Stylz and Roman talked to listeners who had worse things...
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Smartphone Case

What Did Sassy Siri Wear To The Grammy Awards?

What people wear at the Grammy Awards is sometimes as exciting as the show itself! What did Dan and Shay wear? Kasey Musgraves. Sassy Siri. Wait, one of these things is not like the other for sure! Why was Stylz and Roman's iPhone with an attitude there.....and more importantly....what was she...
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College Award

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Christy from Romeoville says she could use the money in the jackpot of Roman's College of Country Knowledge. There's $250 in there, which she says would help her do some Christmas shopping for her neice and nephew. Problem is, she stumbled on one question, whic may have costed her the money! Would...
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Wasted Money

The Stuff You Waste Your Money On!

A new study claims that women spend over $2K on coffee. Guys spend a little over half of that. That's a lot of cash spent! We often spend omoney on stuff we really cant afford and in many cases don't need! Check out what these Stylz and Roman and listeners waste money on...
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What Should Roman Oak For A Mini Vacation With His Four Year Old Son?

Roman is taking a mini vacation with his four year old son over the weekend, but he hasn't packed a thing yet! He's really not sure what he should pack, so he turned to the US99 audience for advice! He got responses that ranged from everything in the house to snacks and more!
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Your Travel Horror Story Was...

Stylz was on vacation last week and ran into a guy that didn't get his luggage until the fifth day of his seven day trip! He ended up wearing the only shirt he had day after day! Ugh! Check out the travel woes that these Stylz and Roman listeners experienced!
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You Went In For One Thing But Came Out With A Bunch...

Sometimes you go into a store for one thing and come out with much more than that! Stylz went into Costco for milk and ended up coming out with over $300 bucks worth of stuff! So what stores did the Stylz and Roman listeners totally overspend at? It looks like Target and Costco were the spots that...
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Couple Kissing

Ladies, What Is The First Thing You Notice On A Man?

So, what's the first thing that a woman notices on a guy? It may actually surprise you with what they said! Is it muscles? A good smile? Eyes? Teeth? Or is it a combination of several? Check out what these US99 listeners said...
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Jameson Clothes

Do You Dress Up Your Pet?

Stylz and his wife just adopted a new puppy, but there's something that's happening that's embarrassing Dougie. His wife has been buying outfits for their dog Jameson and Stylz thinks that it's really weird! Is it a normal thing for pet owners to dress up their pets? It sure seems like it, because...
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