Gucci selling denim overalls with 'grass stain effect' for $1,400

The high-end fashion brand is selling “strategically stained” denim overalls for the $1,400 on their website. Read more about the ‘grunge vibe’-inspired look on RADIO.COM.
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Vintage 'Aladdin' T-shirt from 1992 nets $6,000 in virtual auction

An Arizona man recently made $6,000 by selling a vintage t-shirt from ‘Aladdin,’ Disney’s monster-hit 1992 animated film. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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8 ways to reduce waste in your fashion habits

Are you looking to reduce waste in your fashion habits and make the most of the clothing that you already have in your closet? Here are eight tips for fashionably, and sustainably, extending the life of your wardrobe. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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This New Blanket Makes You A Giant Human Burrito!

Tacos. Burritos. All things we love ... now imagine making yourself a giant, life-size burrito with this amazing blanket! Reddit User /Kotaay It's 5 feet long which makes it large enough for you, your entire body, a friend, who knows! Maybe you buy one for you & for your bestie? These pictures...
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Cold Chicago

What Are You Doing To Stay Warm On This SUPER COLD Day?

The cold is record breaking outside today. We've hit 22 below today and while most people are staying home and out of the cold, some people still have to head out into the frigid air! So what are they doing to stay warm? Check out what these Stylz and Roman listeners are doing to combat the cold!
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Fanny Pack

What Current Trend Are You Totally Sick Of?

Is their a current trend that you just can't stand? Maybe it's goofy gender reveals? (The latest is lasagna with blue or pink colored cheese inside. Yuck!) Maybe it's something that people are wearing or doing. (We're looking at you doing "The Floss" dance...) Check out what trends that these Stylz...
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Cash Register

Have You Ever Returned Something After Wearing It?

Stylz rented a tux for a wedding he was standing in over the weekend and ended up getting a HUGE stain on the shirt. He returned it.....but never mentioned the stain! Apparently this is a thing, because Stylz isn't the only one who has done something like this! Check out what these Stylz and Roman...
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Stylz Needs Your Puppy Training Advice!

Stylz adopted a puppy that he named Jameson over the weekend. But with a new puppy comes potty and crate training as well! He needed some advice from dog owners on just what to do....and the Stylz and Roman delivered!
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Mom Makes ‘Entitled’ Teen Son Shop at Goodwill to Learn Lesson

A Hog Mountain, Georgia mom decided to teach her son a valuable lesson: money isn't everything. Apparently her 13-year-old began acting “entitled” and was making remarks about kids at school who shopped at Goodwill. Cierra Brittany Forney made her son use his own money to buy a weeks worth of...
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