Coca-Cola to discontinue Tab soda after nearly 60 years

Coca-Cola’s first-ever “diet” soda is heading into history. The Coca-Cola Company announced Friday that it’s retiring Tab after nearly 60 years.
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Coca-Cola Cutting 'Zombie Brands' Including Odwalla to Focus on Stronger Products

The Coca-Cola company is simplifying its cluster of brands by cutting out the ‘zombies.’ The company said it would be prioritizing its core brands instead. Find out more about the decision and which brands are affected.
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Limited Edition Coca-Cola Tic Tacs Are Coming

Limited edition Coca-Cola Tic Tacs are hitting shelves soon. And they supposedly taste like a cold pop. (See the Tic Tacs below) According to Tic Tac, they’re hitting North America late January, and: Fans will enjoy a revitalizing taste experience which combines the refreshment of Coca-Cola with...
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Coca-Cola is Releasing a Cinnamon Coke Flavor!

Not sure if we should thank the polar bears or Santa, but somebody at Coca-Cola has created a flavor we ALL thought we didn't need because it's cinnamon-flavored coke! Coca-Cola will be releasing Cinnamon Coke and Sprite Winter-Spiced Cranberry starting on September 30th to help get customers in...
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Apparently "Milk Coke" Is A Thing

Did you know that mixing Coca-Cola and MILK was a thing? A fairly big thing, apparently. The hashtag "Milk Coke" has been trending online. And people are coming out of the woodwork to say that yes, they enjoy a little Milk Coke every now and then. I guess when you think about's kind of like...
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Ketchup on Eggs

Weird Food Combinations!

A video went viral of a woman at the US Open dipping her chicken tenders in her glass of pop. Video of Pure Carnage: Woman At The U.S. Open Enjoys A Chicken Finger Dipped In Soda! That's a pretty weird food combination, but not nearly as weird as the foods that these Stylz and Roman listeners are...
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Woman Does Something Strange with Chicken Tenders During US Open

We totally understand if you didn't have a chance to watch the US Open this weekend, but luckily we can thank Twitter for capturing the next Internet gem! While filming B-Roll (background scenes) of the US Open for the announcers to talk over a cameraman caught a woman dunking her chicken tenders...
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