Snowball Fight

What Stupid Thing Did You Do In The Snow?

A HUGE snowstorm is expected this weekend. It's always fun to go out and play in the snow, but it what we do in that snow that isn't always all that safe. Sure, it was fun at the time, but looking back you realize just how studid (albeit fun) it really was! Stylz and Roman fessed up what they did...
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Stylz Needs Some Advice To Stop His Dog From Shedding!

Stylz has a German Shepard that he loves.....but there's only one problem. It sheds. A LOT! Doug's wife bought the dog a spandex outfit that is supposed to stop shedding, but it looks hilarious. Check out the advice that these Stylz and Roman listeners gave Stylz to help him with his dog hair...
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Phone Cold

Sassy Siri Isn't A Fan of Cold Weather!

It was in the mid 50's this past weekend. Today it'll only get up into the mid 20's. No one is a fan of that kind of temperature drop....especially Sassy Sir, Stylz and Roman's iPhone with a SERIOUS attitude! What does she think of the weather and what is she doing to keep herself warm? Sassy Siri...
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The Annoying Things Your Co-Worker Does

Sometimes co-workers can be really annoying! Stylz and Roman's producer Tony has had a cold for what seems like months and he's always coughing or sniffling. But that's nothing compared to the things that these US99 listener's coworkers do. Spit cups! Chewing with your mouth open. Yuck!
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Introducing "Nose Warmers" - Ridiculous, Small Winter Hats For Your Nose

There's a product going viral right now called the Nose Warmer. And basically, it's like a small winter hat for your NOSE. You put it on your nose, so it looks like a BEAK, and then tie the straps around the back of your head. It WILL keep your nose warm. You WILL look ridiculous in the process...
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Kissy Face

Is Sassy Siri Hitting On Dougie Stylz?

What started as a conversation about the weather to the Siri app on Stylz and Roman's iPhone turned really, really weird! But would you expect anything less from Sassy Siri? Stylz and Roman found an iPhone at Woodfield Mall, decided to keep it and found out that Siri on the phone was a lot...
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Man Calls 911 Over Cold McDonald's Burger

Just when you think you've heard it all, someone goes and does this. The police had a pretty good senese of humor about it at least! Hamilton man calls 911 over cold burger and fries from @McDonalds 's: @HamiltonPolice . #HamOnt — CBC Hamilton (@...
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Roman's AC Went Out This Past Weekend!

Roman had a bunch of people over for Father's Day this weekend, so what better time for his AC unit to go out? It was just as hot outside as it was inside his house and the repairman said he probably needs a whole new air conditioner! That's not Stylz and Roman found out after talking to...
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Wrigley Snow

Has This Weather Screwed Up All Your Kid's Sports?

This weather has been unseasonably cold and it's really screwing up all kinds of high school sports. The snow, rain and all around cold weather has caused all kinds of cancellations of not just games, practices and road trips as well! Check out what these parents had to say about how this weather...
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Cubs reporter jumps in Lake Michigan after predicting season-opening homer

Chicago Cubs reporter Michael Cerami tweeted that he'd jump into Lake Michigan if Ian Happ had a leadoff homer. It happened. He did. If Ian Happ leads off today's game with a home run, I will jump in Lake Michigan later today. — Michael Cerami (@Michael_Cerami) March 29, 2018 What a way to start...
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